Fuel & Oil Additives

At BD Fuels, our fuel additives from Exocet are concentrated, technically-driven products designed to match or exceed the best in -class performance for any application.

Manufactured to the highest possible standards, we provide the complete range of Exocet products for your every need.

Additives for fuel and oil

Our Range

Additive For Agriculture For Industry For Transport
Anti-bug Kill YES YES YES
Anti-bug Protect YES YES YES
Anti-wax Additive YES YES YES
Cetane Improver YES YES YES
Crankcase Flush YES YES YES
Demulsifier YES YES YES
Diesel Power Restorer YES YES YES
Eco-spill Fluid YES YES YES
FSV Cherry-Vanilla YES YES YES
Fuel Reviver YES YES  
Fuel Store Plus YES YES  
Gas Oil Extra YES YES  
Gas Oil Supreme YES YES  
Kerasene Lubricity Additive YES YES  
SludgeBuster YES YES YES
Winterised Gas Oil Extra YES YES  
Industrial Fuel Additive   YES  
Diesel Supreme     YES
Octimax     YES
Petrol Power Restorer     YES
Petrol Supreme     YES
Power Boost     YES
Smart Drive     YES

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