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AdBlue is a clear, liquid solution, consisting of demineralized water and automotive urea (32.5%) which is injected to the exhaust gases of diesel powered engines to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides when used in selective catalyst reduction (SCR) technology.

Its addition makes sure that modern diesel engines conform to the stringent Euro IV, V and VI emissions standards.

Authorised dealers of GreenChem AdBlue since 2006

BD Fuels is a leading supplier of AdBlue and provides a reliable, cost effective and, most importantly, high quality solution to improve the environmental efficiency of engines.

Are you having issues with urea deposit formation (crystallisation) in your SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems with low-load running engines? If so we now stock a GreenChem product called Effinox which is AdBlue with additional additives. Click here for more information.


We offer the complete AdBlue service and can supply AdBlue in bulk, 1000 litre IBC, 200 litre drums and 20 litre containers. In addition, we offer a range of AdBlue pumps, tanks and ancillary equipment to suit all applications.

We offer extremely competitive prices, a prompt delivery service as well as advice and assistance as required from our team of dedicated sales representatives.

We are pleased to offer nationwide delivery, subject to quantity required – please contact us on 01889 270088 for more details.


For many vehicles with light-duty applications, it is not uncommon to have SCR issues. This is mainly caused by the vehicles continuing to fully dose AdBlue when the exhaust temperatures are not at their optimum, resulting in poor hydrolyzation of AdBlue conversion to ammonia and a build-up of deposits on the SCR catalyst. In sectors such as agriculture or transport of goods or passengers, the vehicles have something in common: they work with a frequent stop–start application, and these can require additional treatment to resolve ongoing catalyzer problems.

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