Our History

A family run company since 1978.

Where it all began


Graham Barker and Glen Davis were both working for another local fuel distributor.  On many occasions they both found themselves running the business as the main Managing Director was often away.  Graham was Company Secretary and Glen Sales Manager. On such an occasion Chevron an American oil company was looking to get into the UK market with representatives visiting asking about their current contract and supplying fuels.  At the time the company was under contract with Total and they both didn’t have the authority to negotiate with them. The representatives from Chevron did leave their business cards and afterwards Graham and Glen had a conversation that basically they were running this company why don’t we start up our own for ourselves.

Approaching Chevron with their Ideas Graham had friends who owned the Airfield Industrial Estate at Hixon where there was part of a plot of land they could use.

October 1978 B.D. Fuels Ltd began Trading.

The 1st tanker

3 second hand world war tanks from Seighford Aerodrome 55000 capacity each one

Below are some early pictures dated from late 70s to mid 80s

Below. Top right picture is Graham on the left and Glen on the right and the little boy in jeans and wellies is Grahams son Tyson Barker who is Managing Director today.

In 1993 the partnership split. Glen started up another fuel company and a young Tyson Barker joined his father Graham at B D Fuels. Jamila Grahams wife also joined the business on a part time basis.

The picture below is Tyson Barker Jamila Barker and Graham Barker taken next to a new tanker in 2008.

Sadly after a long illness Graham passed away aged 65 in the same year.  Tyson took over from his father as Managing Director and Jamila as Director.  Jamila is still full time today and wouldn’t change it at 78.

 B.D Fuels today 2023

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