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Fuels for home, business and the public sector

You can rely on BD Fuels to deliver all your fuel requirements, whether that’s heating oil for your home or any commercial application from agriculture and transport to industrial usage.

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For Home

Fuel for your home

Trust us to deliver high quality home heating oil to keep your oil-fired range cookers such as AGAs and Raeburns and boilers running perfectly throughout the year.

Home Heating Oil – Kerosene

For Agriculture

Fuel for agriculture

Always reliable and competitive, we offer a range of fuels for your every agricultural need.

Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel
Gas Oil / Red Diesel
Ultra-low Sulphur Petrol

For Industry

Fuels for business

Let us deliver high grade heating oil to your school, hospital or factory or fuel your industrial vehicles.

Burning Oil / Kerosene
Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel
Industrial Heating Oil

For Transport

Fuel for transport

Let us keep your haulage business moving with our high quality fuels and exceptional customer service.

Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel
Ultra-low Sulphur Petrol

Fuel Types

Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel

Ideal for use in both medium and high speed diesel engines, ultra-low sulphur diesel is an environmentally friendly fuel which has been carefully blended to give properties such as quick starting, smoke control and reduced deposits. Providing exceptional low temperature operation, it also offers protection from injection pump wear.

Burning Oil – Kerosene (28 sec)

Ideal for domestic heating appliances, such as AGAs and boilers with external and balanced flues, vaporising flame burners and pressure jet boilers, burning oil is a regular grade kerosene, refined to a high quality, with excellent burning characteristics. It’s clean burning maintains a high output for maximum economy.

Gas Oil / Red Diesel

Gas oil is a distillate fuel manufactured to give clean burning, maximum heat output and efficient combustion in boilers and off-road diesel engines. As a rebated gas oil, bearing a reduced rate of excise duty, it is dyed red and contains chemical markers in accordance with Customs & Excise requirements to prevent its use as a road vehicle fuel.

As a dual purpose fuel, gas oil is recommended as a boiler fuel in domestic or light industrial installations with pressure jet burners and as a diesel fuel for off-the-road highway equipment such as stationary diesel engines, farm tractors, construction equipment, railway and marine engines.

Unleaded Petrol

Unleaded petrol is suitable where the vehicle manufacturer recommends the use of an unleaded petrol with a Research Octane Number of 95 (RON 95).

Unleaded petrol is not suitable for use in all vehicles and in cases of doubt, the vehicle manufacturers should always be consulted prior to its use.

For use in petrol (spark ignition engine) vehicles.


Premium grade paraffin is refined to a high quality, having very good burning characteristics. It is recommended for some domestic and most greenhouse heating applications. Its clean burning characteristics maintain high heat output with maximum economy.

Industrial Heating Oil (IHO)

Industrial heating oil (IHO) is specifically intended for use in commercial boiler applications for heat generation, typically in large public buildings, hospitals, schools and factories.


Brand new – the ultimate in convenience

Never run out of fuel again with the revolutionary Fuelbox.

The Fuelbox is a UN approved 20 litre bag in a box system that contains diesel/gas oil. Weatherproof and providing improved storage, the Fuelbox is a fast efficient, easy to handle refuelling solution.

With a glug-free pouring system that prevents unnecessary spillages, the Fuelbox reduces downtime by allowing storage on board your vehicle in case of emergencies or runouts on site.

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