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Lubricants for industry, agriculture and transport

BD Fuels supplies a large range of high quality greases, oils and lubricants, with both own label and a variety of top brands available.

We are also pleased to offer the ultimate in lubricants from Petronas. Associated with F1 motorsport, specifically Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. Find out more

For Agriculture

Agricultural Lubricants

We not only supply a full range of high quality own label lubricants, but can deliver branded lubricants from Texaco, Castrol, Total and Shell where required.


For Industry

Industrial Lubricants

We supply lubricants and greases for a wide range of industrial applications, including construction.


For Transport

Fuels for Transport

Our lubricants and greases will help keep your fleet running perfectly.


Lubricant Types

We have a comprehensive range of lubricants to choose from. Product specifications are available upon request.


Lithium EP Greases
Molythium Grease
Calcium 2
Calcium Graphite
Lithium Comples
Bentone Grease
Copper Grease

Hydraulic Fluids

Hydraulic 5-220
Hydraulic AF range
Hydraulic HVI Grades
Hydraulic Water Glycol FR46
Thelmul 68 LT
Biohyd 32/46

Engine Oils

SAE Engine Oils
HD Engine Oils
HD Series 3 Engine Oils
Premium 10w/40, 15w/40
SHPD 15w/40 Extended Drain
XHPD 15w/40 Extended Drain
Semi-Synthetic 5w/40, 10w/40
Fully Synthetic 5w/40
Two Stroke Oil
Outboard Two Stroke

Gear & Transition Oil

SAE 80, 90, 140
EP80, EP90, EP80w/90, EP85w/140
Semi-synthetic 75w/90
Gear Oil W
Gear Oil LE
Gear Oil CVT
ATF Universal
ATF Synthetic

Agricultural Oils

Super Universal Tractor Oil
High Performance Tractor Oil
Milking Machine Oil
Chain Saw Oil

Industrial Lubrication

Industrial Gear Oils
Syngear Grades
Compressor Oils
Machine Oils
Slideway Lubricants
Rust Preventatives/Dewatering Fluids
Concrete Mould Oils
Textile Oils
Transformer Oil

Metalworking Fluids

Azcool Soluble Range
Azcut Neat Oils
EDM Fluid
System Flush and Biocide

Food Machinery Lubricants

Foodgrade Machinery Oils
Foodgrade Hydraulic Oils
Foodgrade Gear Oils
Foodgrade Chain Oil
Bakery Graphite Compound
Food Greases


We are happy to announce BD Fuels is an official distributor of Petronas lubricants offering a complete range of oil products, including motorsport and motorcycle products in small packs.

Petronas is, of course, associated with F1 motorsport and Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton as a supplier to the team. This high profile global brand will compliment your business. Both domestic and commercial garage workshops offering vehicle servicing can project an increased level of quality service when using Petronas lubricants.


Metalworking Fluids

Water-soluble cutting fluids
Neat cutting oils
Rust preventative fluids
Drawing fluids
Quenching fluids

Industrial Oils

Hydraulic fluids
Gear oils
Circulating oils
Diametric oils
Chainsaw oils
Compressor oils
Turbine oils
Slideway oils
Transformer oils
Air tool lubricants
Process oils
Refrigeration compressor oils


A range of superior smooth-textured greases available for a wide variety of applications.

Marine Oils

4-stroke auxiliary engine oils
2-stroke main engine cylinder oils

For Transport

Petronas Urania with ViscGuard ™
Lubricant range specifically designed to combat engine deposits, and help keep you moving.

For Agricultural & Commercial

Petronas Abor
Motor oils multigrade
Super universal tractor oil (STOU)
Transmission oils (UTTO)
Hydraulic oils
Brake fluid
Protection fluids for radiators

Call us now on 01889 270088 for more details about our extensive high quality lubricants range, including new Petronas.

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